Eight Reasons Behind the AC Not Cooling Properly

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It is impossible to spend the summers without an AC system, but it is even more frustrating when your AC system works and delivers low-quality cooling services.

As a household owner, you should know why your AC system works inappropriately, so you can find a solution to fix it.

Kahl AC’s AC repair experts in Magnolia, TX, will explain why this issue happens and how to resolve it in a few minutes!

Reasons Why Your AC System Cannot Cool Your Environment!

Take your notebook and pen and note down all the reasons causing discomfort in your home:

  • Dirty coils : Condenser coils are responsible for cooling the refrigerant liquid by heat transfer between the chemical and the environment.
    The heat exchange process gets blocked due to the debris accumulation on the condenser surface, and the refrigerant temperature will not lower accordingly.
    So, if you find dust and dirt on the condenser coils and fins, take a brush to clean the fins and a coil cleaning agent to clean the coils.
  • Air filters : Air filters are another reason that decreases the cooling quality in your home. The dirt particles stuck in the air filters block the airway, and the components do not get enough air supply to finish the process. According to AC replacement in Magnolia, TX replacing the air filters every three months is an efficient way to eliminate AC problems. We recommend purchasing simple but effective air filters for the HVAC system to keep away pathogens and allergens.
  • Frozen air handler : Evaporator coils are another essential component responsible for heat exchange between chill refrigerant inside the coils and warm air outside.
    Ice develops over the evaporator coils and obstructs the exchange process when:
  • There are issues in the airflow pressure
  • Insufficient air flows through the coils
    Switch off the AC system for 24 hours, and the ice should melt away, but you need an AC repair service in Magnolia TX, to clean the evaporator coil to prevent the mishap from happening again.
  • Thermostat issues: Thermostat issues can also hinder the AC system’s functioning. Before jumping to the worst scenarios, you should first check:
  • The thermostat batteries are not exhausted. Replace the batteries if there is an old pair.
  • The thermostat settings should be on auto mode, and the temperature should be lower than the outside.
    You need an AC expert to sort out the electrical connection issues that disconnect the thermostat from the AC system, and you cannot see the display.
  • Faulty compressor: Four essential components make it possible to receive cool air, and one of them is condenser coils. An AC system expert can quickly identify compressor issues, and replacing a faulty compressor is preferable to repairing one.

Other Reasons Why Your AC System Is Not Working

Here are some reasons why you need to call the AC replacement technician in Magnolia, TX, to resolve the problem:

  • When the refrigerant levels in the coils decrease.
  • You bought a small-size AC system, and it is incapable of keeping up with your comfort needs.
  • When the AC system becomes more than 10-12 years old, it becomes tough to deliver high-quality services every time.


Kahl AC has years of experience handling and dealing with AC problems, we always have an idea to resolve the issue quickly. Call 281-900-3868 to hire a Kahl AC technician in Magnolia, Montgomery, and surrounding areas.