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How Do You Troubleshoot A Heating System?

How Do You Troubleshoot A Heating System?

Whether it is an AC unit, a furnace, or a heat pump, HVAC appliances have become a necessity in today’s climate. An issue with your heating system may be very uncomfortable as the temperature drops. You can identify many typical HVAC issues by keeping a check on the system.

However, professionals should handle regular maintenance and repairs. Still, there are certain easy steps you can take to maintain the functionality of your HVAC system and assist in analyzing any potential problems. Knowing how to troubleshoot your heating unit will help you save time too.

How To Troubleshoot A Heating System?

  • Check The Thermostat: It would be best if you routinely examined your thermostat for faults and technical problems. If you believe your system is not operating properly, check the batteries and the thermostat settings. Alternatively, you might replace your standard thermostat with a smart one.A smart thermostat adjusts the preferred temperature according to your needs. It can be managed from your smartphone as well. It also switches off the furnace when the temperature is perfect and maintains the air filters while reminding you when maintenance is due.
  • Filters And Vents: Our experts examine the air filters prior to heating installation. If you happen to live in Magnolia or the surrounding areas, contact Kahl AC for assistance. Air filters cause the majority of furnace efficiency issues. Before doing anything, check your air filters for blockage due to dust and grime. Ensure your air filters are cleaned or replaced periodically to prevent poor indoor air quality.
  • Circuit Breakers: Using the circuit breaker prevents your furnace from consuming too much electricity, harming some of its more delicate components. Due to higher voltage flow, the furnace stops operating when the fuse bursts. Turn the switch back on after it has been off for a few minutes; this should restart your furnace. If your furnace does not start operating again after this, you should get in touch with our specialist for heating repair. Contact Kahl AC for assistance in Magnolia and the surrounding areas.
  • Gas Valve: A furnace that shuts off or does not produce heat is often caused by the gas valve at the bottom of the furnace. Although you can change the gas valve yourself, it is not advised since you risk hurting yourself or the furnace. If the gas valve is damaged or not working properly, it is recommended to get in touch with a reliable and knowledgeable specialist.
  • Pilot Lamp: A pilot light at the base of your furnace ignites the gas into the system to produce heat. Even if the connections are in good shape and the filters are clean, the system won’t produce heat if the pilot light malfunctions. It is advisable to clean it regularly to prevent your pilot light from going out.


If you adhere to these tips, your furnace will operate more effectively. Hiring a specialist for a comprehensive examination and upkeep of the system could still be necessary. The staff at Kahl AC is skilled in handling furnace issues at reasonable costs. Visit our website or call us right now to schedule our services!

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