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How To Detect Problems In Your Air Conditioner?

How To Detect Problems In Your Air Conditioner?

Whether you have been using your air conditioner too much because of heat and humidity or you are trying to get your AC to work again after a long winter break, your AC may face some problems due to long working hours or inactivity.

These problems may be as small as blockages in the filter or sometimes something big that may require servicing. In this article, know how to detect what problems have occurred in your AC.

Detecting Your AC Problems

  • AC Not Turning On: Sometimes due to internal faults, AC doesn’t work after turning it on. The reason for this may be the damaged thermostat, blown up circuit breaker, or a fuse or maybe it’s just a switch that is not working properly.
    To solve this problem, you can check the thermostat and make sure that the switch is working properly and the unit is getting adequate power to work. But if it still doesn’t work, then you immediately look for AC service near me.
  • Inadequate Cooling: When you turn your AC on, make sure that all the vents are open. The warm air from where the vent is closed mixes up with cool air with open vents and affects the overall cooling. This may lead to other problems, too, like a leak in the refrigerant line.
    Other reasons for improper cooling may be restricted airflow because of some blockage in filters, registers, or compressors. To clean the blockage from the unit, you might have to look for AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX.
  • Poor Airflow Throughout The Place: Poor airflow is a result of blocked air filters and crimped and disconnected ductwork. You can clean the air filters by yourself, thus it is advised to schedule for regular AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX, to get the filters clean and the ductwork repaired, so you get even airflow throughout your house.
  • Water Leakage: If your AC water leaks and makes your house a mess, then it is something you need to take care of. The reason for this might be the clogged-up condensate drain line. The clog can be cleaned with the help of a wet/dry vacuum. But if it doesn’t work, then chances are that it is because of your drain pan rusting up and the drain pump breaking down.
  • AC Not Turning Off: If your AC runs more than needed, then the reason behind this may be dirty filters, a thermostat that has gone faulty a short in its cable, or a stuck fan. To solve this problem, you may clean or change the filters or change the thermostat so that your AC doesn’t get overworked.

All these problems seem small, but they may lead to bigger damage if you don’t pay attention. To solve your AC-related problems, we are here! We provide AC repair in Magnolia, TX. We can help you save costs and get the best service. Contact us at (281) 900-3868 to schedule an AC service.

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