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Is It Worth Buying A High-Efficiency Furnace?

Is It Worth Buying A High-Efficiency Furnace?

Everyone likes the idea of saving money on their energy bills, particularly during the colder months. If you’ve recently purchased a furnace from a reputed heating installation in Magnolia, you may have noticed the price difference between medium and high-efficiency models.

If you’re contemplating whether a high-efficiency furnace is worth the extra money, continue reading. We’ll go over everything you need to know about upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace.

How Is The Efficiency Of A Furnace Measured (AFUE)?

The HVAC industry uses the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating to measure how efficient a furnace is. The stove is more energy-efficient if the AFUE value is more significant. Heating your home with a stove that has an AFUE of 95 percent consumes far less fuel (natural gas, propane, or fuel oil) than heating equipment with an AFUE of 80 percent. Even while higher-efficiency furnaces cost you more initially, they will save you money on heating costs year after year.

A high-efficiency furnace from a heating installation in Magnolia can save you money in a state like Ohio, where the average low temperature in the coldest months of January and February is 22 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to a furnace located in a comparatively warmer location. AFUE ratings are always a factor to consider when buying a stove, especially in central Ohio.

Comparisons Are Made Between Single-Stage, Two-Stage, And Variable-Speed Furnaces

While looking for a furnace replacement in Magnolia, determine if it is a single-stage, two-stage, or variable-speed (or modulating) furnace. The AFUE rating indicates how effectively a stove uses fuel; it’s essential to understand how different furnace technology affects a new furnace’s sales price, comfort, and operating expenses.

  • Furnace Consisting A Single Stage (Single Stage Furnace): The simplest basic furnace is a single-stage furnace, which has just two flame settings: “on” and “off.” There are no low or medium options. A single-stage furnace is less pricey compared to more complex models, but it comes with several drawbacks. Single-stage furnaces may cause considerable temperature changes in the home and are more costly to run due to their inefficiency.
  • Furnace Consisting Of Two Levels: It has two heat settings: ‘low’ & ‘high,’ making it more efficient than a single-stage furnace. These furnaces provide more comfortable temperature control, but they cost more than a single-stage furnace of similar size.
  • Furnace With A Speed Control: It is a kind of furnace available with most furnace replacements in Magnolia, Sometimes referred to as a “modulating” furnace, is the most energy-efficient and comfortable. The temperature in your home barely fluctuates by a degree or two from the thermostat setting since this furnace adjusts heat settings in fewer increments. 

Natural Gas Prices

Fuel prices have been low for several years due to several factors (mild winters, more natural gas available, and more excellent domestic production), lowering energy savings significantly. First and foremost, energy prices are among the most volatile in our modern society. Therefore any price increase is offset by reduced operating costs with a high-efficiency furnace.

Is A High-Efficiency Furnace Worth It?

It’s fair to assume that a high-efficiency furnace is certainly worth the money. If you’re looking to replace your old furnace with a high-efficiency furnace, you may Call Kahl AC at (281) 900-3868. You can even visit our website. We provide all varieties of HVAC systems at a low price with high-quality installation service.

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