Is The Evaporator Coil Of My Air Conditioner Dirty?

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The job of the evaporator coil in an air conditioner is to cool down the refrigerant. The refrigerant, in turn, absorbs heat from the indoor air. If the evaporator coil is dirty or covered with dirt, it will not work efficiently, and the refrigerant will not absorb the heat. No matter how hard the air conditioner will try, the room will not cool down.

So, to keep the efficiency of the system high, you must pay attention to the cleaning of the evaporator coils. If you do not know when the evaporator coils get dirty and need professional cleaning, here are some symptoms to help you realize this. Once you feel that these symptoms are prevalent, call a company that provides AC replacement services in Magnolia, TX, clean the coils.

Less Cooling Capacity

Dirty evaporator coils mean that there is less heat transfer than before. So, the air that comes out of the air conditioner will be less cool than before. Your air conditioner will have to work for longer hours to keep the house cool, leading to higher electricity bills and quick wear and tear of the parts of the system. Warm air coming out from the air conditioner may indicate dirty evaporator coils.

Longer Cycles

Dirty evaporator coils also cause your air conditioner to work for longer cycles than usual. The air conditioner takes longer cycles to cool down the house as the refrigerant is not working efficiently due to dirty evaporator coils. Longer cycles can cause irreversible damage to the sensitive parts of your air conditioner and can decrease its lifespan. They can also cause the air conditioner to shut down completely, forcing you to contact an HVAC company for AC replacement in Magnolia, TX. As soon as you detect the problem of longer cycles, contact your professional technician.

Frosting Of Coils

If you ignore the problem of dirty evaporator coils, the evaporator coils may start to condense. The dirt present on the evaporator coils may start freezing while the air conditioner is working. If this happens, the heat transfer will completely stop, and the air conditioner will completely break down. At this point, you will have no other option but to call professionals for AC installation in Magnolia, TX, to buy a new system and install it.

Many air conditioner owners tend to ignore minor problems with their air conditioners, thinking that they may leave with time. But this does not always happen. Many problems in air conditioners do not tend to go away with them. Instead, they continue growing, and they may reach a point where you have no option but to buy a new system.

So, it is necessary to have regular maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner. Let Kahl take care of the cleaning and scheduled servicing of your air conditioner at nominal rates. You can look for AC installation in Magnolia, TX, or contact us at our number (281) 900-3868 for help in all types of troubleshooting problems.