Top 5 Tips to Maintain your System

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Getting your HVAC serviced by a professional is essential for heating or AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX. There are a few things that you can do for your AC maintenance. These maintenance steps are not too difficult, rather they are easy-to-do steps. You can take care of your AC with these secure steps without causing any risk to yourself and your AC.

Top 5 tips for the HVAC system maintenance

Follow these steps so that the situation of AC or heating repair in Magnolia stays away for a long time.

1. Keep your HVAC Components Clean
Get rid of the dirt from the different components of your HVAC system like the filter, coil, blower, etc. Drain lines also need cleaning to prevent any harmful blockage. Different kinds of filters last for various durations. Standard size filters last 30 days, whereas some more efficient filters work for 30-90 days. It is best to replace the filter once every month. Washable filters need cleaning every week. Drain lines are not difficult to clean. A cup of chlorine bleach and a water flush will make the drain lines shine.

2. Prune the Shrubs and Branches Near the Outdoor Unit
Debris can lead to the build-up of fungus. Cut the plant or shrubs near the outdoor unit of your HVAC system. Remove the vines from there. Bushes, shrubs, and plants grow fast. You have to check the area near your outdoor unit from time to time to keep it obstacles-free. Many rodents are found around the households. It is likely to get a rodent stuck inside the unit from time to time. You must make sure that no rodents or domestic species are stuck to avoid casualties.

3. Airflow must not get Blocked
Not only does the outdoor unit need to be obstacle-free, but you have to keep all the hurdles away from the place where the indoor unit is installed. If there is a wardrobe, or anything else close to your AC indoor unit, it will hinder the airflow.

4. Wiring must be Appropriate
During harsh weather conditions such as rain, thunderstorms, etc., or maybe due to a short circuit, your home’s wiring can get damaged. Inspect it and call a technician to fix the wiring problem. Weak airflow is the symptom of wiring-related issues that alert you about the need for an electrician.

5. Do not Delay Servicing
Never take HVAC system servicing lightly. Annual servicing is a must for every HVAC system, whether an air conditioner or heater. If you avoid maintenance, you may have to spend your whole year looking for the heater or AC repair near me. To prevent this headache, make the annual servicing a priority.

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