Dale Allman

This is 3rd time using Kahl A/C, Heat & Refrigeration. They have done repairs past couple years for myself and I’ve told my neighbors about them and they also have started using Kahl.
James and Misty Kahl (Owners) with their employees have provided great service with quick repair at great prices.
For this event I would like to give special recognition for Kahl’s Dalton; who dealt with the weather and travel conditions to quickly make repairs.
Repair 2/16/2021 during the devasting winter storm and freeze for Texas. With temps below freezing for days and electricity brownouts for many hours. Many with burst water pipes, dangerous living conditions. All this while they also were dealing with their own homes issues; still came to the aide of their neighbors.
Heat strips in my heating unit were damaged not providing heat, no firewood available anywhere for fireplace or even heaters, even if electric did turn on.
I contacted James & Misty who provided someone to repair. Keep in mind those within the entire area experiencing problems; Kahl and their employees still arranged to provide repairs that day in advance of another night extreme freeze.
James, Misty and Dalton, many thanks and appreciation for your help and concern for your neighbors.
Dale Allman