5 Things To Do Before Turning On Your AC After Winter

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With the summer here, we all rely on our air conditioners for respite from the heat. After a long winter, certain things have to be looked into before switching on the AC. We will help complete a checklist of things that must be done before waking up your AC after a long hibernation.

Replace The Air Filters

Air filters help decontaminate the air that is taken inside for cooling. After a long period of non-usage or after years of using, these air filters might be clogged with substances; thus, replacing your air filters will make your Air Conditioner work and new this summer. We can help you replace the air filters at a reasonable price in a short period. Google AC repair in Magnolia TX, and we will be available at your service.

Switch The Thermostat Setting Or Upgrade The Same

A thermostat facilitates the functioning of an air conditioner smoothly. It detects the temperature of the air in the room. Therefore after the winter, it is essential to switch the thermostat setting. If it remains faulty, then the better choice would be to upgrade with the help of an AC mechanic by searching for an AC repair near me on Google.

Test Run

Before the summer heat sets in, it is always best to test-run your air conditioner so that you are prepared with an efficient ac for the summer. Test run does not mean just switching on and off the AC to check whether the same is running without making any noise but to look into its efficient functioning and cooling levels. Professionals at Kahl AC can help you conduct your air conditioners test run efficiently.

Clean Up The Outdoor Unit

After the winter winds and storms, the outdoor unit would be covered with dust, silt, and whatnot. It is essential to clean the outdoor units meticulously for the efficient working of your air conditioner along with AC installation Magnolia TX; we also provide other AC services such as professional outdoor unit cleaning.

Conduct A Regular Annual Maintenance

It is necessary to conduct an annual maintenance service for your air conditioner, and the best time to would be after the winters when the AC has been non-functional for a long time. We at Kahl AC can help with a good annual maintenance service at a reasonable cost.


Everyone wants their AC in good condition this summer and fit for use, including efficient running that does not increase your bills and good service at a reasonable price. Therefore, if any maintenance is required, you would want good quality service at a reasonable price; we at Kahl AC can help you with that. Our team provides good quality, cost-effective air conditioner service and AC installation in Magnolia TX. Reach out to us for the best services.