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How Can You Reset Your Goodman Furnace?

How Can You Reset Your Goodman Furnace?

If your furnace malfunctions due to any wire problems or technical glitches, it shuts off automatically. But if you think that the furnace is not working efficiently and you need to reset it, you will have to shut it down forcibly. It will not take any toll on your furnace system, but if your furnace continues malfunctioning, consider contacting a heating replacement company in Magnolia to fix the issue.

How To Reset The System?

You should know where the manual reset button is. When the burner flames do not collect into the heat changer properly, the rollout limit switch activates, and you will need to reset the system manually. Here are the steps to identify the motor reset button:

  • Ensure that you turn the main power off before proceeding to further steps to avoid electrocution. Stop the main power flow from the circuit breaker for maximum safety.
  • Find the blower wheel and blower motor, and lift the compartment cover of the blower. You may find a red or yellow button inside the blower motor.
  • Once you notice that the button is popping towards the outside, press it for a few seconds to reset the system.

Ensure that there is a gap of at least half an hour between two resets to avoid any damage to the sensitive parts of the furnace system. Let the unit cool down if the furnace does not light at the burner level even when the gas supply is efficient, and the ignition phase is working. If the problem stays, consider calling a company for heating replacement in Magnolia, TX to find the real cause.

How To Reset The Limit Switch?

The furnace limit switch turns on the furnace blower when there is sufficient heat inside the furnace. If the limit switch does not work efficiently, the furnace will not sync with the thermostat settings. You may need to reset the limit switch of your furnace at one point in time, so here are the steps to reset it:

  • Find the heating duct of the furnace to find the location of the limit switch.
  • Check the settings of each arm to know which one is at fault.
  • Once you find the setting between the two arms, adjust the temperature of the middle element to 105 – 115 Fahrenheit degrees to bring it back to its normal settings.

Usually, the limit switch is above the combustion chamber or the heat exchanger, but it may differ from model to model. You can contact any HVAC service near me to help you locate the button.

How To Know If The Limit Switch Is Malfunctioning?

When you notice that the blower is working non-stop, it means that the limit switch may be the culprit behind this. Since the limit switch is responsible for stopping the fan, a non-stop working blower means a faulty limit switch.

Let Kahl AC help you reset your furnace. Look for heating and AC repair in Magnolia, TX, or contact us at (281) 900-3868 to avail of our services.

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