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What Can You Do To Ensure High Efficiency From Your Air Conditioner?

What Can You Do To Ensure High Efficiency From Your Air Conditioner?

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Air conditioners are one of the most used appliances in the summer season. Appliances tend to lose their efficiency when they work for longer hours, and the same goes for air conditioners. Since an air conditioner is a costly item, you need to keep some points in mind to keep its efficiency at its peak so that you do not have to call for AC repair in Magnolia, TX

  • Thermostat Away From Heating Appliances: Ensure that your thermostat is away from heat-emitting appliances. If not, the air conditioner will automatically have an increased cooling level. Your system will have to work for longer hours, which means frequent wear and tear and higher electricity bills.
  • Closed Windows: Close the windows and use blinds to keep your home isolated. It will prevent the sun rays from entering the house and heating it. Otherwise, the sun rays will warm your home, and your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool it down.
  • Thermostat Setting: Raise the temperature on the thermostat by five or eight degrees to save money and energy. Keep your air conditioner at higher temperatures in the summer season and lower temperatures in the winter season. Ensure that you do not set the thermostat at a temperature below seventy degrees, or else the whole unit will freeze, and you will have to call for AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX, to solve the problems.
  • Condenser Cleaning: Check your condenser first if your air conditioner is not working efficiently. A dirty condenser decreases your system’s efficiency. Ensure that there are no leaves, dirt, or debris on or around the condenser. A condenser is a sensitive part, so you may have to call for AC maintenance in Magnolia, TX, for its professional cleaning.
  • Unblocked Vents: Unsteady airflow in the system will force your air conditioner to work harder. Ensure that the vents are clean to keep a steady airflow. There should not be any hanging supplies like curtains or crafts near the vents.
  • Clean Drain Line: A clogged drain line will support the growth of fungus and bacteria, and the drain pan may start dripping water into your home. It can cause you a serious problem and a huge bill. To avoid this, pour dilute chlorine into the drain line to stop any growth and unclog it.
  • Filters: Filters are responsible for catching microbes present in the indoor air. Dirty filters reduce the air quality from the air conditioner and restrict the airflow, which can cause your air conditioner to consume more electricity. Clean or replace the filters as per the system’s requirements, or you may have to contact a company for AC repair in Magnolia, TX.

You should also have scheduled regular maintenance of your air conditioner to ensure that all of its parts are not facing any wear or tear. Let Kahl take care of the servicing of your system at nominal rates. Look for AC repair near me, or contact us at (281) 900-3868 for help in all types of troubleshooting problems.

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